About Pavani Royale HMDA Plots

                Pavani is a brand that means excellence, style and unparalleled performance. They take pride in being an industry leader that has delivered exceptional value to customers for years. Today, Pavani is one of the most sought-after names among homeowners in Hyderabad and Bangalore. We stand for successful construction and affordable & timely delivery of products. 

 The Pavani Group began its journey in 1992 when Mr. Narsimha Reddy founded the company. Since then, we have worked on several multistory residential and commercial buildings, adopting current building practices and innovative designs so that we can build better cities for our residents to live in. 

 Over the years, some excellent decisions regarding what direction the company would take, such as deciding on the most appropriate designs with the help of talented designers, choosing the right factory to provide quality raw materials, and working with top-quality service providers. As a result of these decisions and more, Pavani has grown into an established brand.

Our current portfolio includes over 3 million square feet of beautiful landscapes across India where people can call their own home. As one of the fastest growing developers in Hyderabad, India. We prioritize quality, timely completion of projects and efficient management. This is what sets us apart amidst other construction companies – because our designs are meticulously conceptualized and integrated with clean designs as standard operating procedure throughout our organization. This makes it possible for us to ensure a smooth project implementation process so that you get to reap the benefits of your investment sooner than you think!  The dynamic force behind such an enormous growth of Pavani is an outstanding civil engineer and famous technophile Mr. Narsimha Reddy. This dynamic business leader’s perseverance and innovation have created fortunes for all who choose to purchase property with Pavani. 

Mr. Abhijit Reddy
Director of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Archit Reddy
Director Finance